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Proceedings of the 15th International Ship and Offshore Structures Congress: 3-volume set

Proceedings of the 15th International Ship and Offshore Structures Congress: 3-volume set

KEY FEATURES: Provides researchers in Ocean engineering with a thorough review of the latest research in the field Lengthy reports by leading experts A valuable resource for all interested in ocean engineering DESCRIPTION: The International Ship and Offshore Congress (ISSC) is a forum for the exchange of information by experts undertaking and applying marine structural research. These three volumes contain the eight technical committee reports, six Specialist Committee and 2 Special Task Committ

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Price: $ 350.00

Safe Haven: Book Three (Life After War)

Safe Haven: Book Three (Life After War)

Did you know? Books One and Two in this series (Life After War) are free!.
Safe Haven: A place of safety and of light, of duty and honor:  A Refuge for survivors.
Also: A place of death and darkness, where magic and murder go hand in hand. 

After months of carrying the burdens alone, Adrian finally has the help he needs. Five of the six have come, and he can't wait to get things started. With Angie's magic and his skills, he is about to rebuild an entire count


A Christian Rebuttal to Dr. Eben Alexander's Proof of Heaven, A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife

A Christian Rebuttal to Dr. Eben Alexander's Proof of Heaven, A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife

A Christian Rebuttal to Dr. Eben Alexander's Proof of Heaven, A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the Afterlife by Robert Alan King is a book with over 7,400 words. This rebuttal is about the claims concerning Alexander's supposed trips to heaven and his spiritual experiences there along with the false theological concepts that the book is proclaiming to the world as truth. It examines the details of these experiences and the teachings that follow because of them in light of God's revealed word in the


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Free Four: Tobias Tells the Divergent Knife-Throwing Scene

Free Four: Tobias Tells the Divergent Knife-Throwing Scene

#1 New York Times bestselling author Veronica Roth retells a pivotal Divergent scene (chapter 13) from Tobias's point of view. This thirteen-page scene reveals unknown facts and fascinating details about Four's character, his past, his own initiation, and his thoughts about new Dauntless initiate Tris Prior.


Four: A Divergent Collection (Divergent Series)

Complete your Divergent library with Four!Fans of the Divergent series by #1 New York Times bestselling author Veronica Roth will be thrilled by Four: A Divergent Collection, a companion volume that includes four pre-Divergent stories plus three additional scenes from Divergent, all told from Tobias's point of view.Readers first encountered Tobias as "Four" in Divergent. His voice is an integral part of Allegiant. Readers will find more of this charismatic character's backstory told from his own

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The Body - Temple of God

St. Paul asked in 1 Corinthians: "Don't you know that you are a temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwells in you?" and "Don't you know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit which is in you, which you have from God?" In 2 Corinthians he comes right out and says it plainly: "We are a temple of the living God; even as God said, 'I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my people.'"

The disciple John hints at this when he recounts in his gospel an event when Jesus was in the great temple in Jerusalem and was asked to show the people a sign. "Jesus answered them, 'Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up.' The people at the temple said, 'Forty-six years was this temple in building, and will you raise it up in three days?' But he spoke of the temple of his body."

From Edgar Cayce's attunement to the Universal Consciousness, he too saw and taught that our bodies are more than physical vehicles for living in this world. Here are five brief excerpts:

"Know that your body is the temple of the living God; there you may seek communion. There you may seek counsel as to the choices to be made, the directions to be taken."

"He has promised. 'If you will but open the door of your consciousness, of your heart, I will enter and abide with you.' This is not a fancy; this is not hearsay. You may experience such. For it is the law, it is the way, it is LIFE itself!"

"Seek and you shall find. Not without but from within. For in thine own temple He has promised to meet you."

"All that you may learn of the Father God is already within self. For your body is indeed the temple of the living God, and as you meet Him there you may gain in your own consciousness the satisfaction of walking and talking with Him. When these consciousnesses are yours and you are one with Him, then indeed may you see that the kingdom of heaven dwells within."

"This is a promise to you, to each soul; yet each soul must of itself find that answer within self. For indeed the body is the temple of the living God. There He has promised to meet you; there He does. And as your body, your mind, your soul is attuned to that divine that answers within, so may you indeed be quickened to know His purpose; and you may fill that purpose for which you entered this experience."

Years ago, when I first read these teachings, I would sit quietly and go within my temple. With my physical eyes closed, I would scan inside my head with my mind's eye, looking for God. I would begin conversations, and then sit silently, listening for a response. In those early days it was like sitting in a dark, empty room by myself. There was nothing in here but me. If I began to perceive a response, I would not know if it were some aspect of me or truly God speaking. Now, thirty-some years later, I cannot close my eyes without feeling the nearness of a vast inner universe of life, information, creativity, and God. In preparing to write this article I spent some time recalling how I went from sitting by myself to awakening to the heavens within. It is true that if one seeks, one will find; it's a matter of seeking long enough. And it was a long journey, with some side trips that led nowhere. But, through it all, there was a thread that I can now see in hindsight. There were spontaneous moments of enlightenment, of direct contact with God, and of knowing the truth. Sustaining those proved more difficult than expected because outer life was more integral to inner growth than expected. If I stopped living the fruits of the spirit in the outer life, the inner life dried up. But the inner life is the ultimate, eternal life, and it is only lived by going within the temple of the body and awakening to it.

There are two excellent ways to enter the temple within: deep sleep and deep meditation. A good biblical example of deep sleep producing a vision of the life within would be Jacob's dream of the ladder to and from heaven. You'll recall that upon waking from deep sleep, he said, "This is none other than the house of God, and this is the gate to heaven." The place of deep sleep and illuminating dreams is indeed the house of God and the gate to heaven. A good biblical example of deep meditation producing a vision of the life within would be John's description of how The Revelation began. John tells us that he "was in the spirit [in deep meditation, caught up in the spirit] on the Lord's day and I heard and saw and was told to write." In this issue, let's explore how the body, the temple, is arranged for spiritual activity.


I am often asked to describe what it feels like to open centers and raise energy, and to be in the presence of God. The Ineffable is just that, ineffable. Even God ordered Old Testament seekers to make no images or utter any name for Him. Additionally, I've found that people are quite unique in their wiring and perception. Some are more visual. Others are auditory. And some are tactile or kinesthetic, feeling more than perceiving. Some are conceptual; they know. Frankly, I could find no difference in the profoundness of their spiritual experiences. For me, it began with feeling the Presence and the energy, then developed into knowing, and eventually became visual. But I have a friend who began seeing before he could feel. I recommend that you seek and practice and allow yourself to discover it as it comes to you. You must have some faith that it is there and in the beginning you'll need to be inspired (that helps lift you into the Spirit).


Many of the body's major systems may be used for both physical and spiritual activity. For example, the seven major endocrine glands that secrete hormones directly into the bloodstream to keep the body running optimally are also a physical portion of the seven spiritual centers or chakras that can affect major changes in our vibrations and consciousness. The central nervous system, so vital to living in the three-dimensional world, is also a portion of the kundalini pathway that can raise our vibrations and help us perceive beyond three dimensions.

Much of this was known in the sacred and often secret temple schools of ancient cultures around the world. For example, the staff carried by the god Mercury (also known as Hermes by the Greeks, Thoth by the Egyptians, and Enoch by the Hebrews, and who Cayce said was an incarnation of "the Word") remains today as the emblem of modern medicine (the caduceus). But few really know its intended meaning. It is an excellent emblem for physical healing, but it also contains the metaphysical structure of the body for spiritual flight, flight with the messenger of the gods, Mercury, into the heavens and the presence of the Most High God (see diagram on the front page).

An important but often forgotten teaching in several ancient temple schools dealt with the movement of the life force in the body. It was taught that when the life force flows downward and outward through the body's structures, one becomes fully incarnate and conscious in this world; when the life force flows inward and upward through these same structures, then one moves beyond this reality and becomes conscious of the heavens. If both flows are made to circulate the life force, then integration occurs, and the person becomes whole, both human and divine. Cayce and other sources teach that this is accomplished by using the breath. The Taoist teacher Liu Hua-yang wrote: "There is a turn upward toward Heaven when the breath is drawn in. When the breath flows out, energy is directed towards the Earth. In two intervals one gathers Sacred Energy."

Edgar Cayce's readings affirm these energy flows and encourage us to work at entering the temple within and raising the life force in order to draw closer to God and receive His/Her counsel and comfort, and ultimately to become one with God. In the process, we are to channel that light and love into this world, into our lives and the lives of those we interact with each day. This, according to many spiritual teachers and schools, is the primary lesson to be learned in this incarnation: know and love God completely and channel that light and love into this life's daily opportunities with others. Entering the temple, raising the energy, enlivening the spiritual centers, and uniting with God are not necessary to living a spiritual, loving life. But, if one wants to experience the whole of God consciousness and eternal life, then one needs to raise the body's vibrations and experience higher states of consciousness. Moses could not ascend the mountain and meet God face to face until he first gave water to the seven maidens and raised the serpent off the desert floor -- symbolic of enlivening the seven spiritual centers and raising the kundalini energy.

Let's explore the body's secret structure and some of the techniques for finding God within us and channeling the light and love into our lives.


The concept of spiritual centers can be found in the art of antiquity, from glowing globes on people's heads in Egyptian art to third eyes on the bodies (even on the palms of hands) in classical Asian art.

The first formal mention of spiritual structures, including energy centers and pathways, appears in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, c. 300 B.C. He reveals six centers and an ultimate luminescence that occurs around the top of the head. These centers are depicted in two ways: as chakras (literally, "spinning wheels") and as padmes (literally, "lotuses"). Therefore, one may understand that the spiritual centers are both energy vortexes that generate movement as they are stimulated (as a spinning wheel) and enlightenment complexes that unfold as they grow (as an opening lotus). Cayce correlated these centers with the endocrine glandular system in the body. He also said that there are twelve (1861-11), but seven are of importance here. Whenever we find seven people, places, or things in a classical story, we may correlate them with the seven spiritual centers. Cayce's most famous example of this is in his interpretation of the Book of the Revelation. He correlates the seven churches, seals, vials, and plagues to the cleansing and opening of the seven spiritual centers within a seeker's physical body (for more on this, see my book Edgar Cayce on the Revelation). Hugh Lynn Cayce had a fascinating presentation on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs as a tale of spiritual awakening.

Patanjali also identifies three pathways in the body. Two are an interwoven double helix called ida and pingala, often represented by double serpents (as in the caduceus). The third is a single path, the sushumna, beginning in the lower pelvic area and traveling directly up the body to the top of the head. These pathways correspond to the body's two nervous systems: the sushumna to the central nervous system, with its spinal column and the brain, and ida and pingala to the deeper autonomic nervous system, with its woven nerves that begin in the lower torso and ascend to the brain. These three pathways act as one. The energy flows through them simultaneously.

The endocrine glands along this pathway are, in order from lowest to highest: gonads (testes in males and ovaries in females), cells of Leydig (named after the doctor who discovered them, located in and above the gonads), adrenals (located on top of the kidneys), thymus (located in the upper chest), thyroid (in the throat), pineal (near the center of the brain at the top of the spinal fluid canal), and pituitary (just above the back of the roof of the mouth, behind the bridge of the nose, tucked under the frontal lobe). In order as chakras they are: the root, navel, solar plexus, heart, throat, crown, and brow, or third eye. Many modern books and teachers list the crown as the highest and the third eye as sixth, but Cayce instructs us otherwise, as do many of the more classical texts and images. For example, in ancient Hinduism the kundalini pathway is symbolized by a cobra in the striking position, not straight up. In mystical Egyptian and Mayan art it is a winged serpent in the striking position. In Hebrew and Christian mysticism it is the shape of the shepherd's staff. The energy flows along a path that is like a question mark (?), not like an exclamation mark (!). Cayce says it flows up the body to the base of the brain, then over to the center of the brain and the crown of the head, and then on to the forehead and the great frontal lobe of the brain and the third eye.

Cayce states that the navel and the crown centers have a powerful magnetism between them. He says that the crown is always ready to illuminate and elevate, but that individuals must open the navel center before they can begin to transcend and transform. He calls the navel center the "closed door" and the crown the "open door." Some Eastern texts call them the "lower gate" and the "jade gate." Reconnecting these two centers is key to restoring our connection to the divine within. Here are three Cayce excerpts on this:

"This was from the flow of emotion from the kundaline center or the Lyden (Leydig) gland, to the ones in the center [pineal] and frontal portion of the head [pituitary]. This is nothing to be fearful of, but keep the emotions better balanced."

"Second sight, or the super-activity of the third eye may come whenever there is the opening of the lyden (Leydig) center and the kundaline forces from same to the pineal."

"We find that there has been the opening of the Lyden (Leydig) gland, so that the kundaline forces move along the spine to the various centers that open with this attitude and these activities of the mental and spiritual forces of the body."


Here are two important readings on preparation and raising of the kundalini. They are questions and answers:

"Q: Through my meditation, has the kundalini fire risen to the head or top of spine at base of skull? A: It has risen at times, but has not remained; else there would not be those periods of confusion. For, when this has arisen and is disseminated properly through the seven centers of the body, it has purified the body...."

"Q: How may I bring into activity my pineal and pituitary glands, as well as the kundalini and other chakras, that I may attain to higher mental and spiritual powers? A: First so fill the mind with the ideal that it may vibrate throughout the whole of the mental being! Then, close the desires of the fleshly self to conditions about you. Meditate upon 'Thy will WITH me.' Feel this. FILL all the centers of the body, from the lowest to the highest, with this ideal; opening the centers by surrounding self first with that consciousness, 'Not my will but Thine, O Lord, be done in and through me.' And then, have that desire, that purpose, of not attaining without HIS direction -- who is the Maker, the Giver of life and light; as it is indeed in Him that we live and move and have our being."

You get Cayce's major idea in these readings. He teaches us to prepare to raise the spiritual forces in the body by setting and feeling a powerful, fully-penetrating ideal of God's will, rather than our will, and to feel God's direction throughout the whole of our being as we open the centers and raise the energy. As he said in an earlier reading, "There is nothing to be fearful of, but keep the emotions better balanced." So many people that I've talked with over the years of teaching meditation have expressed their fear of raising the kundalini and opening their spiritual centers. The teaching is: don't raise and open by yourself! That is rightly fearful. But do get in there and attune self to God's presence and then, in His/Her presence, open and allow the spiritual forces to flow. Here's a wonderful reading on this:

"Indeed it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. Yet, they that love His coming, they that walk in the cool of the evening, in the shadow of His precepts, shall be awakened to the great truth...."

Are there dangers? Yes. But most of them are before us always. As Cayce points out: "Yourself is your greatest weakness, as yourself is your greatest strength." If we seek to become fully conscious of God and one with God, then we have to get to work on cleansing, raising, and living the love and light that is God and on with controlling our willful, self-seeking desires. "With the opening of yourself to the vibrations, the emanations, you may be tempted by the desires of the flesh; yes, of the spirit of untruth. But hold fast to that light which is your assurance of His presence with you!"

After imbuing ourselves with the ideal of "God's will be done," Cayce instructs us to get our bodies in order: properly assimilating nutrients needed to maintain high levels of life and eliminating wastes and toxins that build up in the system. He also directs us to exercise, even if it is just walking a mile after dinner, and to get massages and adjustments to keep the fluids and electrical energies flowing smoothly through the whole of our system. He specifically identifies three points along our spines through which there is the activity of "the kundalini forces that act as suggestions to the spiritual forces for distribution through the seven centers of the body." They are among the vertebrae and ganglia of the spine: 3rd cervical, 9th thoracic, and 4th lumbar. These need to be kept limber, open, and flowing. Get them massaged and adjusted, and do daily exercises to keep them fluid.

So important is the body's condition that in some cases he actually recommended not practicing deep meditation until the body's health improved.

There are many other activities one can do in preparation for entering into the temple and meeting God. Each of us should study and research them on our own and select what works for us. See the meditation section of this web site. I go into more detail on these in chapters two through five of my book Spiritual Breakthrough: Handbook to God-Consciousness. There are other excellent books available through A.R.E. Press. You may also attend a workshop at a regional program in your area or at a Virginia Beach headquarters' program.

Seek within! You will find.

A Walk to Remember

A Walk to Remember

There was a time when the world was sweeter....when the women in Beaufort, North Carolina, wore dresses, and the men donned hats.... Every April, when the wind smells of both the sea and lilacs, Landon Carter remembers 1958, his last year at Beaufort High. Landon had dated a girl or two, and even once sworn that he'd been in love. Certainly the last person he thought he'd fall for was Jamie, the shy, almost ethereal daughter of the town's Baptist minister....Jamie, who was destined to show him t

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The Lucky One
  • #1 New York Times Best selling Author Nicholas Sparks delivers a stunning tale about a man whose brushes with death lead him to the love of his life.

In his 14th book, bestselling author Nicholas Sparks tells the unforgettable story of a man whose brushes with death lead him to the love of his life.

After U.S. Marine Logan Thibault finds a photograph of a smiling young woman buried in the dirt during his tour of duty in Iraq, he experiences a sudden streak of luck -- winning poker games and even surviving deadly combat. Only his best friend, Victor, seems to have an explanation for his good fortune: the photograph -- his lucky charm.

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Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child
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One of the country's leading researchers updates his revolutionary approach to solving--and preventing--your children's sleep problems

Here Dr. Marc Weissbluth, a distinguished pediatrician and father of four, offers his groundbreaking program to ensure the best sleep for your child. In Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, he explains with authority and reassurance his step-by-step regime for instituting beneficial habits within the framework of your child's natural sleep cycles. This v

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The Glass Castle: A Memoir

The Glass Castle: A Memoir
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Jeannette Walls grew up with parents whose ideals and stubborn nonconformity were both their curse and their salvation. Rex and Rose Mary Walls had four children. In the beginning, they lived like nomads, moving among Southwest desert towns, camping in the mountains. Rex was a charismatic, brilliant man who, when sober, captured his children's imagination, teaching them physics, geology, and above all, how to embrace life fearlessly. Rose Mary, who painted and wrote and couldn't stand the respon

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The Fault in Our Stars: by John Green -- Review

The Fault in Our Stars: by John Green -- Review

In The Fault in Our Stars, the fourth novel from award winning YA author John Green, Hazel Lancaster and August Waters are teenagers living with terminal cancer. Follow their relationship as they meet, fall in love, and grapple with life's universal touchstones of love, loss, and meaning. Green's modern twist on a classic tale of star-crossed lovers is reminiscent of Shakespearian tragedy and draws the reader into the story of Hazel and Gus, treating its heavy themes with a mix of both thoughtfu

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Materials Experience: fundamentals of materials and design

Materials Experience: fundamentals of materials and design

There currently exists an abundance of materials selection advice for designers suited to solving technical product requirements. In contrast, a stark gap can be found in current literature that articulates the very real personal, social, cultural and economic connections between materials and the design of the material world. In Materials Experience: fundamentals of materials and design, thirty-four of the leading academicians and experts, alongside 8 professional designers, have come together

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Approaches for Ecosystem Services Valuation for the Gulf of Mexico After the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill: Interim Report

Approaches for Ecosystem Services Valuation for the Gulf of Mexico After the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill: Interim Report

On April 20, 2010, the Deepwater Horizon platform drilling the Macondo well in Mississippi Canyon Block 252 (DWH) exploded, killing 11 workers and injuring another 17. The DWH oil spill resulted in nearly 5 million barrels (approximately 200 million gallons) of crude oil spilling into the Gulf of Mexico (GoM). The full impacts of the spill on the GoM and the people who live and work there are unknown but expected to be considerable, and will be expressed over years to decades. In the short term,

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The Silent Wife: A Novel

The Silent Wife: A Novel
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"This summer's Gone Girl –  I gobbled it down in one sitting." – Anne Lamott, People   Jodi and Todd are at a bad place in their marriage. Much is at stake, including the affluent life they lead in their beautiful waterfront condo in Chicago, as she, the killer, and he, the victim, rush haplessly toward the main event. He is a committed cheater. She lives and breathes denial. He exists in dual worlds. She likes to settle scores. He decides to play for keeps. She has nothing left to lose

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PERDIDA: (Gone Girl: Spanish-language) (Vintage Espanol) (Spanish Edition)

En un caluroso día de verano, Amy y Nick se disponen a celebrar su quinto aniversario de bodas en North Carthage, a orillas del río Mississippi. Pero Amy desaparece esa misma mañana sin dejar rastro. A medida que la investigación policial avanza, las sospechas recaen sobre Nick. Sin embargo, Nick insiste en su inocencia. Es cierto que se muestra extrañamente evasivo y frío, pero ¿es un asesino?

 Perdida arranca como todo buen thriller que se precie: una mujer desaparecida, una in

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From Specification to Embedded Systems Application (IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology)

From Specification to Embedded Systems Application (IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology)

As almost no other technology, embedded systems is an essential element of many innovations in automotive engineering.  New functions and improvements of already existing functions, as well as the compliance with traffic regulations and customer requirements, have only become possible by the increasing use of electronic systems, especially in the fields of driving, safety, reliability, and functionality.  Along with the functionalities that increase in number and have to cooperate, the complex

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Happy Marriage?!, Vol. 5

Happy Marriage?!, Vol. 5

In order to help her father, Chiwa Takanashi agrees to an arranged marriage with the company president, Hokuto Mamiya—a man she doesn’t know—at the request of Hokuto’s grandfather. Chiwa believes the arrangement isn’t binding, but her new partner seems to think otherwise. Can two strangers living together find their way to a happy marriage?!

Chiwa Takanashi has married a total stranger—company president Hokuto Mamiya—to get her father out of debt.

Rather than having

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2014 Duck Dynasty Si-chology Wall Calendar

2014 Duck Dynasty Si-chology Wall Calendar
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Gregs Tagebuch 7 - Dumm gelaufen! (German Edition)

Gregs Tagebuch 7 - Dumm gelaufen! (German Edition)

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Greg steht vor neuen großen Herausforderungen. Der Valentinstag rückt näher, und er hat immer noch keine Tanzpartnerin für den Schulball. Denn Greg macht bei Mädchen einfach alles falsch, was man falsch machen kann. Dass es seinem Freund Rupert genauso geht, ist da nur ein schwacher Trost. Und dass es in


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Cognitive Psychology: Connecting Mind, Research and Everyday Experience with Coglab Manual

Cognitive Psychology: Connecting Mind, Research and Everyday Experience with Coglab Manual
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The Donkeyland Bums (A Short Story)

Part Three of Three Parts

(The Fall, November of 1967)

Chapter One
The Gas Station

John was in the car and the gas tank was full, the tires were being checked and filled with air, as well as the oil, all was fine,

"I'll start her up and see how the motor sounds," Chick Evens said to John, getting into the driver's seat of the car "You got the things put away?"

"Yaw," said John L.

"Open up a beer for me than."

"You want a full one?"

"That's right, for the road."

John was by the widow opening up beers and Chick was at the steering wheel waiting for the car's motor to warm up when he heard a noise like a motor mount loose. He open the hood looked down into the motor. John saw a policeman pull up into the gas station. He had a look in his eye, and he came walking toward their car. Then he walked by him, towards a pizza restaurant, then he was out of sight. A few more folks came out of the gas station with items bought in their hands walking in different directions to their cars. John looked at Chick busy looking at the motormount. A second policeman, who was waiting in the car stepped out to stretch, his hand on top of his revolver, checking to see if it was in place, and as he closed the car door a siren in the gas station went off, John in a long breath holding, yelled and Chick looked toward the gun muzzle of the policeman aiming it at the thief running out into the street from the gas station, Chick jumped to the side of the car and heard the screeching and howling gas station's siren.

The young man had turned to see where the policeman was and ran, the policeman ran after him, then stopped to aim and fire, firing three shots, two in the air, one at the black lean and slanted lad running, the thief, as Chick stood by the window looking in the car saying, "Damn, he must of robbed the gas station. Man, what can we do?"

John heard the siren of more police cars coming down Rice Street and one out of the side street and saw them moving toward the gas station, "We best just stay put," said Chick, "Don't draw attention to us."

There were now three more police cars surrounding the streets by the gas station.

"Stop!" yelled one policeman.

"Shoot, the fool," said another.

"Come on. Come on for god's sake!" said John, "let's get out of here."

"That's Officer Howe," said Chick watching the event.

"Get in," said his partner to Chick. "Get your ass in here and let's get going."

"Hand's up," yelled Howe," to the black thief.

"You shot me," screamed and cried the young man, who was bleeding from the left leg, had fallen to his knees.

"You were told to stop three times, it's your own fault," said an officer next to Howe, and then yanked the trousers up almost to the young man's knee to see the wound...

"Get-a going," said John. One of the police officers looked toward John and Chick.

"Come on, Chick," he said. "Let's go."

"Take it easy," said Chick. "Stop yelling."

"Put the damn car in gear," John said. "You're going to get us in trouble; we got an open can of beer in the car."

"Just wait a minute; they're too busy taking care of the thief to bother with us..." Chick said. "I don't want to take off yet. Let them take the robber away first."

The biggest of the officers turned and swung his revolver and held it, aiming it at the brown 1959 Fort Station Wagon of Chick's.

"Hey, don't! Don't! We're just bystander's watching," Chick said. "Don't aim that gun at us-please!"

The bust had been so close to their car that the sound of the bullets echoed in the air like five smacks.

Chick leaned back in the car seat, his eyes wide open, his mouth open and dry. He looked like he was about to say, "Don't!" again, but the policeman turned about to talk to Howe, who had seen Chick and knew him by face; he had taken him home once when he was drunk, and another time to the police station for being too drunk, both times underage, and still underage, at twenty, the same age as John.

"Hit that gas peddle, and let's get out of here," said John.

"We'll go," said Chick, "just cool it."

One of the police was holding a pistol against the side of the boy's chest; the muzzle almost touching him.

As chick swung the car out of its parking spot, spinning the wheels, burning some rubber on the asphalt of the gas station platform, he looked astern to watch the last of the policemen picking up the lad from his knees, pushing him head first into the backseat of a police car, the boy falling or slipping sidewise, his leg giving out. His trousers wrapped around his ankle, his hands handcuffed, cussing the police with an unstopping open mouth. There was still more police cars coming down the street.

"Come on. Make a turn on Highway 94," said John. "Let's make up some lost time!"

"If I make this car go any faster, that motormount may fall right off the motor." Remarked Chick Evens.

Chapter Two
The Highway

Chick sat quietly at the steering wheel. He was looking ahead now on Highway 94, heading for Long Beach, California, out of St. Paul, Minnesota, it was the summer of 1967. Out of the city he looked back. John looked out of the back window also-perhaps thinking of Karin, a girlfriend he was leaving behind for this road trip, one he'd miss along the way, one he'd marry, but not this summer.

Everything was now running smoothly, and they were going with the wind. Down highway after highway, across the country, heading for Denver, and over the Rockies (the Rocky Mountains); once in the Rockies, he noticed the heavy slant downwards, the sharp curves and their markers, he passed dozens of cars, but going up hill the motor scarcely made it, they all ended up passing him again, and then down the mountains with a current swirling under the car, helping the brown beast of a car along (as one looked down over the cliffs, hundreds of feet below them, you could see snow topped roofs, America at its most beautiful and loveliest, as if out of a Norman Rockwell picture: smoke coming from chimneys, and pine trees dotting the land). The motormount now clanging, and the engine's motor starting to run rough, and the exhaust pipe, hanging loose under the car creating sparks, and police lights rotating in back of them, and a siren screeching, then over a loud speaker, "Pull that junk heap over to the side," a voice said.

"How far are you boys going?" asked the police officer now standing along side the car, Chick with his car window open, then before he could answer, he took a quick look around the beat-up station wagon, rusted out here and there, the floorboards had holes in them, and you could actually see the road under your feet.

"What in tar nation are you boys trying to do," said the Highway Police Officer, walking back to the window.

"Where you coming from, where you going?" the officer said to the two young adults.

John and Chick were chatting between themselves, then abruptly stopped, had kicked the few empty beer cans laying on the floor underneath their seats with their shoes.

"We came from St. Paul, Minnesota, going to Long Beach, California officer," said Evens.

"Hum...m," said the officer, "You're about halfway, if I pull your car over have it impounded as it should be, we'll have to find you a way home, if you go any further, you'll end up being someone else's problem, not ours, I hope you at lest make it out of this state, just wire up your exhaust pipe, and get going, and good luck."

The Highway Patrol Officer was watching them now, even after the boys tied up the exhaust and all, he followed them for several miles, hoping I suppose they'd make it out of his jurisdiction. And evidently they did, because then he had stopped turned about, and took off as if he was the Lone Ranger, in the opposite direction.

John and Chick felt a little more at ease now.

"Look down there John," said Chick, "it's Denver I think."

"Where?" the sun was bright, Chick pointed "Look!"

It was a long ways off; so far you could hardly see it, like a little oasis rising up and out of nowhere.

John now was looking quite content spoke pleasantly.

Chick could see the tiny building rise on the calm surface below him, but thought, 'Just another city, go around it.'

"Those clouds over head I think are going to get darker and
Denver is in for a shower, let's go around it, find a café have lunch?"

"What time is it?" asked John.

"Maybe 2:00 p.m., my watch stopped working."

"We'll be okay with the money, right?" questioned John.

Chick didn't answer, they had made a few stops for beer, and John knew that, and each stop required more of the money they had, and it wasn't all that much. John had $125.00 dollars and Chick $40. That was it, and his car.

In thirty-minutes they would be at a café eating hamburgers and French fries, drinking down a coke, filling up the gas tank, checking the oil, getting another six-pack of beer, and a few packs of Camel Cigarettes, and noticing the motormount that was before loose, was now gone, the motor had three more, but one side was lose, and that caused the motor to shake except when on a smooth road, what could go wrong was going wrong, but it was still luck holding the car in place; so-thought Chick: maybe our luck will holdout longer, enjoy it while you can; had it not been for John's worrying out loud, he would have been a great sidekick, because he was a good fellow, but if anyone had to worry, Chick had felt, he was doing enough for both of them, so why join in on it, it wasn't constructive.

"What's the matter with you Chick? Can't you figure it out; we don't have money to buy beer every time we stop."

"What did you ask me?"

"If we starve to death, it's because of you, give me a beer." John told Chick, and off they were again on the highway like two ...Dharma Bums, Jack Kerouac would have said.

"Nothing can stop us now John."

"Do you think we'll make it?"

"Not today, it's going to be dark soon, we'll have to find a roadside rest, and sleep until morning, too dangerous to drive at night and if something happens to the car...well, you know what I mean, let it happen in the daylight."

"What do you think, Chick?" asked John, his face a little apprehensive.

Chick did not answer.

"Don't worry, don't think about it, give me a beer?"

"How much money we got?" John asked in a pleasant way.

"I don't know. We haven't counted it for a while, it's enough to get there, and we'll have to find a job quick."

For the first half day, most every hour or so, John brought up Karin and the money, he talked not much more than this, didn't intensify on the subject of Long Beach, or California at all, or the ocean, the subjects Chick brought to the conversations, and John compared themselves to those two guys who drove a Corvette in the 1960s series on television, crossing the country, on "Rout 66," the transcontinental highway (the main highway of America, which ran from Chicago to California, in which Nat King Cole, sang a song about, and later on, the Rolling Stones capitalized on). But John was referring to the two fellows: Tod and Buz, not sure who was who on their trip; the series ran for four seasons.

"Are we bums?" asked John.

"I suppose so, but mighty happy ones!"

"What's a bum," asked John.

"I don't know for sure, you'll have to ask that Jack Kerouac guy I guess, he called himself a bum and made a million I think off his books."

"Well, you've travelled by train and car cross-country before, are we bums or not?"

"Kind-of I suppose, but I worked wherever I went, like to Seattle or Omaha, Nebraska, bums don't work, hobos do, not sure about tramps, they're more like homeless folks, we don't have a home but we do, I mean, we got parents that do, I think willing to help, if indeed we need help, I think. We're not beggars yet, but maybe by the end of this trip we will be."

A light rain came down, and it got foggy, and Chick spent the following hour trying to find a rest stop, and it got a little chilly, and John huddled and meditated on the warmth of holding Karin I suppose, he flapped his arms and legs to like a duck to warm them up, the heater was not working and the windshield was fogging up. John's teeth started chattering.

"We brought a blanket along, pull it out, it is in back of the backseat," suggested Chick, and John did, "We'll be stopping soon," added Chick.

Chapter Three
The Rest Stop

It was 9:00 p.m., where the boys were, they didn't know, they simply stopped at a rest stop when it got dark, parked the car by several others, had a few beers, and John started to fall to sleep in the backseat, and Chick up front. There was a light near their car, a dumpster nearby, bathrooms in the forefront.

"I'm sorry if we're ending up spending too much money, I feel bad about that, but we are only spending on gas, food and beer." Chick told John as they started to talk before drifting off into a deep sleep.

"I guess you mean well," said John (he had a letter in an envelope in his hands).

"What's in the letter?" asked Chick.

"Before we left, Karin gave me the letter, told me to read it later on-she was crying, so I read it when you were in the bathroom back-a-ways this afternoon, at one of the gas stations, she said she loved me, and would be waiting for me when I got back."

"It sounds poetic; she's a nice gal, not sure how you got her."

"Maybe this trip will make me appreciate her more."

"And bug me more."

"How about you?"

"And who am I? I don't have any girl worthwhile keeping if that is what you mean."

"How about that girl you were taking out, called the Shadow?"

"You mean, Cindy or Sharon?"

"Whatever, whoever."

"I'd say that we lost it somewhere along the line, didn't see eye to eye, in both cases."

"I think I'm pretty serious about Karin."

"I think you're horny right now."

"Are we safe here?" asked John.

"Hell yes who can do anything to us, we're the Cayuga Street Bums), and someday I'll write a book about this?"

(Cayuga Street being the street in St. Paul, Minnesota, where Chick Evens lived, and John hung out with the Cayuga Street Gang, known by the police as Donkeyland, the police officer, Howe nicknamed it that because the guys and gals were so hard-headed, and I suppose like donkeys: there were some twenty-five young people from that neighbourhood.)

"I hope no one tries to sneak in tonight and cut our throats."

"If they do, and I survive, I'll let Karin know you talked about her until I got blue in the face."

"Funny, funny, funny-pal!"

"Just be careful of the snakes tonight, they can crawl right through those big rusted hole in the back there."

"Snakes, you're kidding, there are no snakes here."

"You see," said Chick to John, speaking quietly, "this here is dangerous country, snakes kill folks all the time, bit yaw. I don't think it's funny either. But the best course is not to think about it, if either one of us really get bitten, just get me to a hospital as quick as possible, and I'll do the same."

John now looking over the top of the seat at Chick almost on the verge of laughing but holding it back, Chick looking back at him, "We got anything more to drink?" asked John.

"Nope," said Chick "Go to sleep."

"I can't, now you got me worried about those snakes."

"Their nothing, I was just kidding, kind of."

"What do you mean kidding-kind of, you were or you were not kidding and there are or there are not snakes here?"

"Of course they're snakes but chances one will crawl up and bite you are next to nil."

John looked seasick and still sitting up.

"Let me sit up front with you?" asked John.

"Sure, it's going to be uncomfortable, but go ahead." And John jumped over the seats to set by the passenger side window.

It was about 3:00 a.m., in the morning, and there was a tapping at the widow.

"What you two doing in there," said a voice, "Open the door up, I want to talk to you."

"Chick," said John, "some tramp out there I think, trying to get in."

"We're not in the mood for making friends tonight mister, get lost!" said Chick.

"He won't leave," said John. (You could smell whisky on him. The window was opened slightly.)

"What do you want to do?" asked John.

"If he doesn't leave in a few minutes, I'll get out here go around the car, you get out, and we'll both kick his ass."

Chick now straightened up from his laying position. "Wish I had a drink."

Then Chick opened up the car door, "We'll go easy on him!" he said, and started to walk around the car to meet the guy head on, John's hand on the door handle, ready to open it...

"I got some trouble for yaw mister, just what you're looking for."

"Don't kid me," said the suspiciously looking stranger.

"Why should I try, you're looking to wake us up cause trouble, you got us up now, and what you got, you got coming, let's bring it on John!"

"Tak'e it eas-y young man, I'm for-ty-five years old, a lit-tle drunk."

"Why do you get so tough then, waking us up?"

The stranger stepped back, as John started to open the door, and Chick stepped forward another step, about ten-feet apart, then the stranger ran off to the bathrooms.

Chapter Five
Long Beach

The boys woke up about 7:30 a.m., and headed onto Long Beach, their destiny. They figured they were somewhere around Salt Lake. Chick kicked the gas pedal to and almost through the floor of the car, it was losing its energy, its zip, its get-up-and-go: about 1:00 p.m., they hit the highway leading into Long Beach, and then onto a main road. Three girls were hitchhiking, they talked to the boys some, but left them alone, just wanted a ride, gave them some directions, and then got dropped off. They seemed to be a bit sorry; Chick and John were not from Long Beach, feeling they were not going to stick around town.

"We got any money left?" asked John.

"I tell you, we are down."

"Oh, shut up, you're damn drinking, how much we got?"

"Let's look for a café, get something to eat," said Chick, John counting the money, looking across the front of the car, the motor was starting to produce grey smoke.

"Watch that, Chick, the smoke," then the car started to spit and sputter, right then and there by a closed gas station, it was Sunday.

John opened the devise under the hood, the hood popped open and was put into place, they were on the street alongside the gas station.

"The car's shot, it blew a piston I think," said John. When they started it back it, it had no compression. The car wouldn't move. "Not yet," bellowed John.

"Why not yet," said Chick, "Thank God we made it this far that was lucky."

"I suppose, what the hell difference does it make to you."

"John, it was my car, not yours," said Chick as John climbed down off the fender, after looking down at the motor.

"How we doing for money?" asked Chick.

"Seven dollars," said John, "How much you got?"

"One dollar and thirty-three cents!" said Chick.

"The hell with this," John said. "You keep drinking our money up."

"So do you," remarked Chick, "Let's put the car in back of this station, and bury the license plates, and go find a room for the night."

The boys walked down to the heart of Long Beach, bought two hotdogs between themselves, and walked along the beach; it appeared to them it was a retirement area of some kind, not much going on. As it started to get dark, it was a pretty twilight. John found a room that cost $5.00. And the hotdogs were $1.50 for two, and they had each a coke, another fifty cents. And now what had been left was one-dollar and thirty-three cents. They sat in their hotel room thinking what was next on their agenda, the afterglow of being in California for the first time had warn off of John, for Chick it was just starting to blossom.

Chick looked out the window; saw a small grocery store open, "Let's go get a quart of beer, and some crackers. I mean we are broke, we might just as well remain broke, and what's a dollar and change going to matter."

"We are damned, and you are thinking of beer, alright, you go get it, while I think of what to do, but give me twenty-cents, two dimes, I will need to make a few phone calls."

Now Chick had one dollar and thirteen cents. Went out of the one-star minus hotel, across the street, found a quart of beer for eighty-nine cents, and crackers for fifteen-cents, making it $1.14 cents, one penny less, which the good proprietor, overlooked, out of his kindness. And Chick and John had their last meal of the night, John allowing Chick the majority of the beer, John being too unsettled to drink much.

Chapter Six
Conclusion to part One

That evening, John called up his Uncle Whitey, in Los Angels, to see if they'd meet him and Chick at the bus station that his mother was going to send $140-dollars to get them back home, first thing in the morning. And Whitey, a most pleasant man, an albino, did just that, and showed them around Los Angels, and then luck was on their side, they found a friend of Whitey's going to Minnesota, and that is another story.

Bums in a Haze

Chapter Seven
The Lead

(Chick Evens narrates from his diary :) "We were not tramps, or nomads, in that we were not drifters, perhaps more on the order of bums, in that we didn't really have a home, and John did have to do some begging to get that $140-dollars from his mother, and we were not forgotten men, per near, but not quite; we were not hobos, because hobos seek work, and bums don't and although John and I wanted to, we didn't; so bums we, in that respect, bumming around, but I would have said, had you asked me at the time 'I felt as if I was on a magic carpet, things just worked out as they did.' And for the most part they did. But you couldn't have told John L. that. There was no rainbow for him, and he kept thinking about Karin, and at times even with me by his side, he felt utterly alone. And so our adventure would be cut short. But we did survive the hard times, self-induced hard times of course. And we were both seemingly were always in haze, myself, with booze, and John with anything he could find, from pills, to pot, to alcohol."

Chapter Eight
Los Angels: Uncle Whitey

(At the Greyhound bus station in Los Angels,

Sitting, while waiting for Uncle Whitey)

"I suppose we'll have to wait for your uncle, to get here, do you think he'll come?"

"He's one of the few people that no matter what we did, he'd help us, so sure, I'd bet my $140.00-dollars he'll be here." Then John hesitated, and added, "Indecently, Chick, I do feel badly about your car, even though the policeman in the Rockies was right, it was a piece of junk.

"Very funny, it got us to Long Beach though."

"I suppose, we don't know how bad things could have got, had the cop pulled the car in."

Then Uncle Whitey came in, white as a ghost, hardly could see, eyes squinting, and wavy white hair, tall and lean, with the biggest smile, Chick Evens had ever seen. Whitey looked about; saw the silhouetted of hands waving of two young men,

"Uncle Whitey!" called John.

"He's half blind Chick, and he's only in his late thirties."

"You son of a guns, how the heck you been John, haven't seen you since you were knee-high to a grasshopper!" (Then he started laughing: 'ho, ho,!' as if John was his lost prodigal son.)

As we stood up, he grabbed my hand, "And you're his partner, Chick, I heard you were coming with John," then he let go after a minute of shaking hands and added, "let's go have lunch, on me boys. I haven't any money to lend you but I got enough gas in the car and food in the house and a place you can lay your head for as long as you want." ('Ho, ho, ho...ha, ha, ha!' he laughed)

(Chick and John sat in the back seat, Whitey, and a third cousin, Gene, a few years older than John, sat with Whitey in the front seat, Gene had his own car and in the following days would decide to go back to Minnesota, and thus, provided the ride for John and Chick to return. But of course at this point none of that was known, and I don't want to get too far ahead in this story).

"So I heard your car blew up in Long Beach, that's a damn shame, hell-of-a-thing to happen."

Whitey hung his chin, neck and face almost over the steering wheel, as he drove, "I'm not suppose-to-be driving, but what the heck."

He looked hard at what the stoplights read, waiting for the green. "Go, Uncle Whitey, its green!" said John, near smiling.

"That's what I got to do, stop driving before I kill us all. The doctor says to take it easy as I can, that albinos never live long he says. Says I got a few years left then puff...I'm gone. Oh well, I'll just try to breathe steadily."

Then they pulled into his driveway.

(Chick Evens narrates from his diary :) "In the following days, Whitey took John and me, along with Gene on several tours around the city, up and own Sunset Boulevard, looking at the whores walking back and forth. Driving slowly, and stopping by Dean Martin's nightclub. And then up into Beverly Hills. The police stopping Gene, who was doing the driving, and questioning him why the carload of people buzzing about these premises: and Whitey simply said, "We're showing our Minnesota kin, how the rich folk live down here."

The police officer said in a mild manner, "If these folks see you circling about they'll call us gain, and if we got to come back, we'll have pull you in for suspicion, so it is best you don't not come back.")

Well, they didn't go back, but they had a number of memorable spots, or sites they saw-and they had some nice dialogue between the foursome.

It was the third day in Los Angels Gene suggested they, Chick and John, head on out into the desert to Lancaster, a small hamlet, and visit a group of young friends of his, that it was party time there, all the time there, and there would be lots of everything from grass to booze to hallucinating drugs and much more. All free of charge.

Home for Thanks Giving
And beyond...

John and Chick had left in the beginning of November of 1967 for California, and returned a few days before 'Thanksgiving.' Prior to California, he had spent the spring of that year in Omaha, and prior to that a winter in Seattle, all three trips within eleven months. And in eight months to come, July of 1968, he would be going to San Francisco for one year; which he didn't know of course at this time, and after that, to Germany for ten more months, and to participate in the Vietnam War for another eight months: all within two months less than five years (December of 1966 to October 1971). And since that time, he has added, 700,000-more miles onto his past memo.

Written 6-2-2009

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